Primary Metals

shiftworker in the shadowsCapital upgrades continue to decrease environmental impact, increase production and reduce the physicality of work within modern smelters, foundries and steel mills. Even with state of the art equipment, primary metals operations still have some of the most demanding jobs in industry today.

Work load plus heat and humidity have kept most of the industry operating with shorter 8 hour schedules. Though the shorter shift makes sense on the surface, it can require operators to work twice as many days per year than employees in other industries that work 12 hour shifts. Ironically, during the hottest periods of the year it is common to find primary metals employees pulling 12 hour shifts, 7 days in a row to provide vacation coverage for their co-workers.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Shift Schedule Optimization. A unique approach to involve all concerned in designing the best shift schedule for the specific requirements of each workforce in each mill.
  • Staffing Level Analysis. Scientific review of optimal employee deployment considering job requirements, length of operating campaigns, skill sets, financial constraints and human design characteristics and limitations.
  • Training: Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle. A means of providing the shift workers and their families with a useable understanding of how the body functions in a 24/7 world and to provide proven tips and countermeasures to get the most out of life.
  • Fatigue Risk Assessment. Understand the potential costs, risks and liabilities created by staffing levels, work loads and overall policies and procedures pertaining to this unique 24/7 industry.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Mining & Metals Solutions:

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  • Phone: 781-439-6300

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