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transportationFinding the right balance between logistical efficiency and employee fatigue is a constant challenge across all modes of transportation. For 25 years CIRCADIAN has worked across every transportation sector to find creative win-win solutions to dispatching, scheduling, training and staffing issues.


Watchstanding optimization in transoceanic, and inland waterway operations, and workforce scheduling optimization in ports. Supply ship risk management. Fatigue risk management and optimal complement determination of marine pilots. Expert litigation support in collisions at sea.

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Public Transit

Fatigue risk management in bus, subway, light rail, and commuter rail operations. System wide assessments and training programs.

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Crew scheduling optimization software, fatigue risk assessments, labor-management resolutions for Class I freight operations, short lines & yards. System wide fatigue risk management and employee training for passenger rail operations. Testimony in hearings and accident litigation.

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Hours of Service exemptions, fatigue risk management programs, driver training, sleep disorders screening. Accident reduction through continuous optimization in for-hire truckload, LTL, express, and private fleets.

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Logistics and Warehousing

Scheduling and optimized staffing levels for 24/7 workforce. Increased throughput efficiency by addressing key costs including absenteeism, errors and accidents.

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