Shifting Work Perspectives

Managing Fatigue, Alertness, & Performance in a World That Never Stops

Are you capitalizing on the benefits of workplace power naps? If not, your company may be losing money due to tired and dragging employees. With…
So you’ve read about the benefits of 12-hour shifts and now you’re ready to move forward? Hold your breath, because there’s a few DISADVANTAGES that…
Fatigue risk management has been a scientific system evolving over the past 30+ years..but have you ever wondered about how it got started? Check out…
With sleep constantly challenged by the demanding nature of our daily lives. Many of us resort to energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages to power…
Have you considered changing your workplace schedule? Uncertain about the benefits of a 12-hour shift? Are you trying to rationalize the change with the workforce…
CIRCADIAN is pleased to announce the launch of our new blog: Shifting Work Perspectives: Managing Fatigue, Alertness, and Performance in a World That Never Stops!…
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