Introducing CIRCADIAN’s New Blog: Shifting Work Perspectives

CIRCADIAN is pleased to announce the launch of our new blog: Shifting Work Perspectives: Managing Fatigue, Alertness, and Performance in a World That Never Stops!

Why a blog?

At CIRCADIAN, we believe that there is a direct and symbiotic relationship between the well-being of a company and the well-being of the workforce. However, the nature of this relationship is complex.

Corporate leaders, managers and supervisors make important decisions every day that can inadvertently result in detriments to the health, safety, and productivity of themselves and their workforce. Because of this, CIRCADIAN strives to educate and provide best practice solutions for industry leaders, managers, and workers who face the tough challenges of working in a world that never stops.

As the leading global provider of 24/7 workforce solutions, our world-class team of research scientists, engineers, and consultants have expert insights into the challenges and limitations of human performance and provide solutions to minimize their impact on businesses. We have 30 years of experience gained across every 24/7 industry on every continent of the globe which we want to share with you.

What is the goal of Shifting Work Perspectives?

The goal of Shifting Work Perspectives is to expand and continue CIRCADIAN’s mission of providing expert advice, along with educational content about the newest developments and cutting edge solutions addressing the management of organizations and their employees within our 24/7 society.

As our blog’s title suggests, we aim to shift the current perspectives that individuals hold regarding human performance, health and safety in the workplace towards a new, healthier science-based perspective that encompasses all workplace employees and respects the biological limitations of workers at all levels within a company.

What will be covered?

Shifting Work Perspectives will cover a broad range of topics relating to the daily productivity of both managers and employees, which collectively impact the success of companies on a larger scale.

Shifting Work Perspectives will provide insightful analysis on matters concerning:

  • Accidents & Injuries
  • Cost Reduction
  • Laws, Compliance & Safety Regulations
  • Shift Scheduling, Staffing & Overtime
  • Shiftwork & 24/7 Workforces
  • Lifestyle & Family
  • Sleep & Circadian Rhythm Disorders
  • Optimal Work Environments
  • Mental & Physical Health
  • Exercise & Nutrition
  • Alertness & Fatigue
  • Sleep Quality & Hygiene
  • Industry Relevant News Stories
  • And Much More…

Who will benefit from Shifting Work Perspectives?

As CIRCADIAN’s world-class team continues to expand the horizons of what is possible to achieve in 24/7 businesses, Shifting Work Perspectives will convey to a broad corporate audience this ever accumulating knowledge base.

The beneficiaries of our expertise are the tens of millions of people who are required to work around-the-clock and the companies who employ them to support our continuous global economy. Given that the fatigue and stress associated with expanded work hours is a growing issue throughout the world, we include material and resources aimed at all individuals battling these 24/7 workplace issues.

What’s next?

We hope that you are as excited about Shifting Work Perspectives as we are! Look for our newest blog postings every Monday and Thursday.

With many thanks for your interest and support,                

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Martin Moore-Ede, M.D., Ph.D.
Chairman & CEO

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