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Watch CIRCADIAN Webinar:
Identifying, Tracking and Preventing Fatigue Related Accidents


Fatigue does not discriminate. It affects every type of 24/7 operation. A mine haul truck operator loses attention. A control room operator fails to recognize a pending safety-critical event. A pilot forgets to trim the flaps on final approach. Incidents, injuries and costly errors happen daily due to fatigue.

Yet, because there is no biochemical test for fatigue, fatigue tends to be under-reported and overlooked in incident investigations, and its true costs--in dollars and lives--are often unknown or ignored.

Learn how to accurately determine the full impact of fatigue in your business and investigate the preventable causes. Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, an internationally recognized leading expert on managing the risks of human fatigue in transportation and industrial businesses that operate 24/7, will help you learn:

  •  Why fatigue is under-investigated and under-reported as a cause of accidents and incidents
  • How to use an expert system to investigate its role as a contributing factor in accidents
  • How to benchmark the true impact and cost fatigue is having on your operation
  • What fatigue risk management programs are being utilized to reduce fatigue related accidents and costs

Viewers of the webinar will leave understanding the impact fatigue has in the workplace, how experts approach investigating fatigue’s role in accidents, and how to begin measuring it themselves.

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