Schedule Compliance Analyzer™

CIRCADIAN’s Schedule Risk Analyzer™ makes it easy for employees and managers to instantly check whether proposed work patterns, overtime assignments and shift swaps fall within a company’s or industry’s “Hours of Service” regulations.

Most Fatigue Risk Management Systems also utilize “Hours of Service” rules which set outer limits on hours of work and minimum limits on rest between work shifts & duty periods. These rules have become increasingly complex to address the risks defined by circadian fatigue science. The Schedule Risk Analyzer™ provides a convenient and practical solution for ensuring compliance.

Example: Helping Company’s Comply with API-ANSI standard RP-755.

The petrochemical and refining industries have put in place a new ANSI standard for developing and implementing Fatigue Risk Management Systems (ANSI/API RP 755-2010). With the Schedule Risk Analyzer, schedulers can quickly assess if a work pattern is acceptable or not with RP-755 regulation.


The Schedule Risk Analyzer can be customized for any “Hours of Work” and “Rest rules” – whether it’s a government regulation, industry standard or a company best practice.

Flexibility of the Cloud

The CIRCADIAN Schedule Risk Analyzer can be accessed from anywhere by secure web-links or can be integrated via XML transfers with your time and attendance system.

Employees: Use Web-accessible system to make sure that any proposed shift swap or overtime assignment complies with the rules, before requesting the change and wasting the time and resources of the scheduling department, dispatcher or manager.

Scheduler: Upload individual schedule or batch of employee schedules to check for compliance either directly interfaced with scheduling screen (XML secure transfer) or by uploading into web interface.

Manager: Track percent compliance with the rules, evaluate FRMS performance and educate team on the rules.

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