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Q&A – Do you have any tips on shift-swapping?


ANSWER: Shift-swapping can help people meet personal needs, especially on weekends, without requiring use of vacation, personal or sick days. When employees have the responsibility and control to arrange the coverage of their own positions, managers often find this leads to improved morale, as well as lower absenteeism.

The world gets in the way of everyone, so every employee will occasionally need to swap shifts with someone. Allowing a team-driven approach lets management know that all positions will be covered and lets employees have the latitude to swap shifts within their team.

Making sure to adequately cross-training employees (ensure that employees within a team know each other’s jobs) helps facilitate this approach. After that, all management has to do is be assured that all arrangements are cost-neutral and that supervisors are notified, and that attendance policies are complied with. 


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