Cost Reduction

CIRCADIAN’s comprehensive study of over five hundred 24/7 facilities has shown that working extended hours is associated with elevated employee costs compared to the daytime workforce. The good news is most of these costs are readily addressable.


The average direct cost of absenteeism per shiftwork employee is $2,102 more per year than the cost of a traditional daytime employee. The underlying causes include fatigue and ill-health.

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Employee Turnover.

Elevated turnover rates caused by low morale and poorly designed work schedules increase expenses for recruiting, hiring and training new employees.

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Health Care.

Increased health risks are found for diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disorders and depression in the 24/7 workforce so health care needs to be targeted to manage the increased risks.

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Overtime and Staffing Levels.

Miscalculated staffing levels and sub-optimized shift schedules cause excessive overtime, often coupled with underutilized employee capacity.

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Safety & Legal Liability.

Fatigue causes accidents, and without adequate Fatigue Risk Management Systems companies operating 24/7 leave themselves vulnerable to lawsuits and punitive damages.

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